The Bond Group Prospectus

We have long envisioned a proper presentation of the opportunity that our business represents, in serious terms for serious people.

This is that presentation… our on-line Prospectus, or business outlook document, similar to a business plan, but broader, because each individual business/network is somewhat unique and a component of the larger business, The Bond Group, which is then a component of the larger business of Forever Living.


The Bond Group Prospectus

To my knowledge, nothing like this has ever been done in our industry.

This is primarily designed for those serious professionals, to whom we present our offer as an investment (of their contacts or their time).

But it is also written so that it can be an exhibit for anyone who is serious about treating this as a real business, even if they do not grasp all the financials, for instance, or have little interest in the industry data.

We will continue to enhance this site, as usual, with more detailed description and analysis of financials, especially the compensation plan, though the interactive presentation that Forever has created and which we provide is the best and clearest treatment of a compensation plan that we have ever seen… by far.

And we will add articles and commentary as we go forward, to elaborate on whatever issue that we feel is important to candidates’ decisions to enroll and create a business with Forever Living and The Bond Group.


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