8. Why and How to Enroll



This short video [less than five minutes] will explain why enrolling with us is a very good idea.

The fact that it’s COMPLETELY FREE doesn’t hurt, or the fact that you’d get an immediate and permanent 15% discount on our already great prices.

And, by the way, if you ever spend about $350 in any 60 day period, you will qualify for an immediate and permanent 30% discount.

But there is no requirement to purchase this or anyother amount in order to enroll or earn commissions. **

This 30% discount is a permanent “thank you” for your purchases.

Imagine if the U.S. discount store Costco gave a permanent, deeper than normal discount for spending $350 dollars in 60 days.

Costco Gold Card

This is like that, except that they charge for their initial (and only) discount.

There are NO costs to enroll and build your business. You only purchase those products that you want to buy for yourself, or nothing at all.

There is also another great reason to enroll with us… it could change your life… for the better.




Enrollment with Forever Living will take you no more than a few minutes.

If you were referred to this site by a Forever Distributor, please click here, select your country at the top left, then click “Join.”

Enter their Distributor ID when it is requested.

If you do not have their ID, please click here, enter 122710, and you will have a list of our Distributors’ IDs, alphabetized by their first name.

Otherwise, please use The Bond Group ID: 001002414738.

You will only need to provide your name, your mailing and email addresses, your phone number, and your birthdate (for security purposes, in case you lose your password or whatever). If you are married, you may also include your spouse’s name.

You may also enter your Tax ID in order to avoid commission withholding, though this is not required to enroll.

You will immediately receive your permanent New Distributor discount of at least 15% on orders (in the U.S.) of at least US$50. [This may vary, depending on your country.]

That’s it!

**[There are a few countries in the Forever family (France, for instance) that require an initial order to enroll. Even there, however, there is no on-going purchase requirement.]


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