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These days, the phrase “Social Networking” almost always refers to the use of the Internet to connect with people and to develop relationships.  

But our use of that term – though it certainly includes the amazing opportunities for cyber-connection – also encompasses all of the characteristics, habits and techniques that are associated with interacting with and relating to people in the “off-line” world… the “real” world.  

This synthesis is central to our approach to “social networking.”  

In relationship marketing, we believe that we must embrace the complete range of methods of connecting and relating to people “naturally” with the incredible reach of the Internet.  

People are still people, whether they are neighbors or co-workers or respondents to one of our websites or on-line surveys, and part of the responsibility – and the joy – of the new world of social networking is the fact that we will be connecting with a lot more people.  

Our Social Networking website – and its companion Leadership Development website – are dedicated to the effort to enable you to be excellent and fulfilled in relationship marketing, and in the opportunity to market yourself.


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