How our Showcase Works…


The Bond Group Showcase

The fundamental goal of our Showcase is to attract, intrigue and satisfy the kinds of people that we most want in The Bond Group: curious, motivated, computer-literate professionals.

In order to do that, we must initially appeal to a wide range of learning styles, then when the Showcase has engaged the viewer, it must, at its second level, “under” the section images, both satisfy the visitor emotionally and take him or her to a new place in their understanding of what we’re doing and what is possible for them to do.

At the same time, the Showcase must function in the context of competing and somewhat contradictory expectations: the negative expectations associated with any on-line or network marketing offer, and the positive expectations that the initial positive impression of the Showcase has created: that there is a worthy payoff nearby.

The four basic personality and learning styles that we address are derived from Herrmann Brain Dominance research, which is the foundation of the “left brain/right brain” taxonomy of human characteristics and tendencies, and whose simplified tool is Social Styles (see the Leadership Development section in Resources).

Social Styles

The four are, in no particular order:

1. Analytical… needing and responding to data, information, and organized meaning.

2. Driven… needing and responding to the requirement to decide, to make choices and to follow through.

3. Expressive… needing and responding to sensory stimulation, visual and auditory in particular.

4. Amiable… needing and responding to relationships and human emotion.

The Showcase is specifically designed to appeal to each style, of which we all have some of each.

1. Analytical: there is a clear order to the information array, expressed in the three clearly marked areas of Who We Are, Who You Are, and Resources, then in neat columns and rows… the presence of the “Research” category, which is either obscured, hidden, or non-existant in most industry sites, appeals to the Analytical’s desire to dig deeper… whether or not the Analytical visitor actually does dig deeper, it is reassuring to them to see this most analytical element of our offer in a prominent position… finally, there is a clear left-to-right and top-to-botton logic to the array of information elements, from The Bond Group and Forever Living introductions to The Bond Group Blog. For an Analytical, this is like a puzzle whose pieces are already neatly in place.

2. Driver: the most compelling presentation for a Driver is options and available actions… this is manifest in the information array and in the fact that every section has at its next level the opportunity to choose: go deeper or go back. The Driver’s “money section” is “Why and How to Enroll.” It is clear to an interested Driver that all roads lead eventually to this choice, which is highlighted by the brightest and most prominent figure on the “board,” the Golden Man… the “Money Man.”

3. Expressive: the Showcase is filled with “eye candy,” and, inside, “ear candy,” which are like catnip to the motivated Expressive… this carries through no matter how deeply one goes into the Bond Group universe. The Expressive will choose those sections that are most appealing visually, and will not stop until his or her curiosity and desire for stimulation is satisfied, This is one reason why we have no “talking heads” in the videos, which quickly become boring to the Expressive. The format of the videos is more like that of music videos, with a cascade of images and music telling compelling stories, all of which have clear beginnings, middles and ends… every one. The Expressive’s favorite learning medium is stories.

4. Amiable: the Showcase is studded with human images, but not so many as to overwhelm, and most of them depict people in groups, relating to each other in some way. These are not “crowd shots,” they are groups of clearly related people… related by function (“Research”) or by interaction (“Beauty Professionals”). The key experience for the Amiable is the videos, most of which depict powerful human relationships that are not just stock photos, but integrated into human stories. Many have reported shedding tears at one or another of these video stories… and it only takes one to connect a visitor powerfully to The Bond Group and Forever Living.

Remember again that most of us have some of each of these tendencies and styles, so the Showcase provides many opportunities to connect with every person who visits, in multiple dimensions… of the Showcase, and of the person.

Which brings us to the most profound and powerful thing about the Showcase: it is in many ways functioning in the place of an interesting, knowledgeable, responsive person, with multiple dimensions, with far more about which to learn than can be seen or absorbed at one time, even though it – as a person – is literally an open book.

This is why we must not degrade visitors’ ability to relate as purely as possible to the Showcase experience by trying to describe it or explain it.

This is also why electronic messages are far better invitations to the Showcase than verbal ones. The only way that an electronic message can be resolved is by visiting the Showcase. A personal verbal invitation begs the question: “Why don’t you just tell me about it.”

Which is sort of like telling someone about a wonderful movie that we want them to see. We instinctively understand that to try to tell too much will “ruin” the experience for the other person. It’s why movie reviews that reveal too much are called “spoilers.”

So… do not spoil the Showcase experience or people.

Which brings us to expectations.

Movies or any stories “work” when they recognize us and our expectations, and then surprise us.

The Showcase must perform this same function, but do so without a predetermined traditional story line, because people will pursue their own unique paths through the Showcase experience.

But in fact there is a story line, a simple one: We know who you are and what you expected to find here, but we are different.

We know that you are a business professional, or in the helping professions, or in real estate, or work at the European Commission, or something else.

We know that you expected Ferrarris and yachts… but we are different.

We know that you expected a hard sell… but we are different.

We know that you expected to pay to enroll… but we are different.

We know that you expected to hear about our Miracle Whatever… but we are different.

That story line is everywhere in the Showcase, and throughout the Bond Group universe, and it is much more powerfully experienced there than in a “pitch” on the phone or in person about how “different” we are.

I hope that the showcase, and The Bond Group, make a bit more sense to you now.

There is much more to its design, on the surface and underneath, but these are the basics.

And it is absolutely working.


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