6. Marketing: A Better Way

Our Approach

This, essentially is what we, at The Bond Group, are really all about.

Our system really is far more efficient and effective, and it really is easy to apply, however busy your life may be.

It is – simply – L.I.F.E.

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Internet marketing has largely lost its way.

Our obsession with the ubiquity and ease of technology has obscured the enduring truths of relationship building.

It is as important as ever to relate to people as people and not as “connection points” in a network grid.

The Bond Group was born understanding this and is dedicated to empowering real friendship and real relationships, in cyberspace or any space.

This video briefly describes the problem… and our solution.

Internet Relating On Networks (I.R.O.N.)


MORNING: A New Model for Today and Tomorrow

Morning Tree

I spent a good deal of time discussing the issues and problems with network marketing in my first post on our Action Guide.

Now it’s time to communicate why, inspite of those issues and problems, I feel that a significant hybrid of network marketing may be one of the best possible income opportunities, especially for a professional, experienced person who has been successful in the past managing people and resources.

The simple fact is that, with the right skills, the right strategy and tools, the right company, and enough discipline, a very serious business can be built in this economy.

Does that mean $50k – $100k a month, for a year or longer, settling down to more like $10k – $20k a month thereafter and indefinitely?

Possible… far from assured.

But $15k – $20k, then settling down to $5k – $10k, with dramatically less effort in the second phase?

In my opinion, based on almost ten high-level years in the industry, this is very possible, indeed, for the right people, but only if the fundamentals are there and if your approach is ours: totally professional.

Speaking of fundamentals, it’s time to introduce a new concept and method of marketing in the 21st Century.

Marketing Organization/Relationship Networking (MORNING) is a synthesis of the best attributes of the network marketing, relationship management and other modern business organizational models.

We will present a more comprehensive explanation of this new paradigm in a later post.

For the moment, we can summarize this approach by saying simply that it is time that we created a network-structured organization that depends more on human relationships than commercial transactions and that is run by the standards of the best modern business practice.

A few examples of what this means:

We will seek members who meet our standards of professionalism and integrity, and we will not tolerate dysfunctional behavior, or a lack of integrity, regardless of sales “performance.”

We will find ways, to every extent possible, to reward and support those who are doing the right things and making a sincere effort to succeed, even if their financial results are not yet commensurate with that effort, and regardless of where they are in our network.

We will do everything that we can to mitigate or eliminate the negative impact of some individuals’ poor performance on others in their network who are doing everything they can to succeed.

We will provide absolutely world-class training and development for all of our members, and we will do it at no or minimal cost to our members.

We will actively identify and offer or recommend the highest-function and no or least-cost marketing and promotional tools to our members, and we will use these tools ourselves to every extent possible.

We will assist our members in the preparation and maintenance of proper personal business plans, so that they can monitor their progress toward and their maintenance of actual profitability.

We will apply, to every extent possible, the best general management practices that we can to The Bond Group.

To this end, we will specifically identify and work to develop the advanced skills of those who are motivated to be large network leaders, because we have seen for years that far too many of those who are at the tops of large network groups are not prepared to manage them.

It was a quite remarkable accident that the acronym for this approach is MORNING.

Of course, it was remarkable for the obvious reason… a sunny, optimistic acronym is always a good thing, particularly because we believe that our approach really does usher in a new day in the history of direct sales.

And it is remarkable for a more subtle reason.

The image at the top of this post is our vision, and behind it is the morning sun, shining through the branches of two remarkable trees, which have grown together as one tree, with interlocking branches and, we can be sure, interlocking roots.

I have struggled for a long time to come up for a name for what we’re doing.

I was not satisfied with “network marketing” because it described structure and not substance, and not satified with “relationship marketing” because it alluded to substance but not structure, and it felt too much like only a euphemism for “network marketing” or “MLM.”

And neither of them referred to general management principles that should apply to any well run organization, but often do not in network marketing.

So, it was clear that our functional essence was a “marketing organization,” and that the most accurate qualifiers were “relationship” and “networking.”

Marketing Organization/Relationship Networking

Simple… clear… and… right.

And a great acronym too.



Victor Bond


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