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People who love motorcycles tend to love motorcycle racing… and people who love sportbikes ALL love MotoGP, which is the fastest, most elite brand of motorcycle racing.

Most race lovers cannot actually race, however, because racing is time-consuming and… expensive.

Even motorcycle riding schools, like Keith Code’s California Superbike School, are beyond the reach of most, not only because of the cost, but because of the time flexibility to be able to commit to really learning the art of riding motorcycles fast… and safely.

Forever Living and The Bond Group can help change that.

Motorcycle racing is always a state of mind… we can help make it a state of being.

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Mikey Nagy on Palomar Mountain

This is Mikey Nagy, one of our very, very fast Distributors, on Palomar Mountain in San Diego County.


If our MotoGP video gets your attention, you should probably see this one too.

Internet marketing has largely lost its way.

Our obsession with the ubiquity and ease of technology has obscured the enduring truths of relationship building.

It is as important as ever to relate to people as people and not as “connection points” in a network grid.

The Bond Group was born understanding this and is dedicated to empowering real friendship and real relationships, in cyberspace or any space.

This video briefly describes the problem… and our solution.

Internet Relating On Networks (I.R.O.N.)


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