7. Our Action Guide: Doing It


Member Action Guide

These days our most important actions are simple: enroll for free and refer others to our Showcase, where you are right now.

It’s just as simple as that:

Business Process

But if you want an in-depth explanation of why we do what we do, and why it works, consult our Member Action Guide.

It will also introduce you to more advanced techniques that will make your business development even more effective.

Our Member Action Guide will address all of these things and more, and it will do it in a easy to understand, entertaining, and thought-provoking way… with images, video, and pretty darn good writing too.

This 11 minute video will explain why we are doing this business so differently, and it will give you a quick overview of the Action Guide itself.

To repeat… even as you watch this video, and read our action guide, both of which deeply explain our approach, remember that the essence of our method is simply this:

Our Process

The other thing to remember is that it works.


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