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We are The Bond Group. We are based in San Diego, California. We are dedicated to a new and completely modern approach to personal marketing. Our mission is to help you to promote yourself.

Building on the tremendous and ethical foundation provided by Forever Living, we present ourselves to the world through our Showcase, which is the focus of our message, that there is an ethical, professional and effective way to create additional income in our permanently unsettled economy.

I am Victor Bond, the founder of this group, and I will do anything and everything to help make this organic network the best and most fulfilling in the world for all of its members.

I attended Governor Dummer Academy, in South Byfield, Massachusets, the oldest preparatory school in the U.S. I majored in mathematics at Harvard University, and was with IBM for fifteen years, during which time I was a systems engineer, a marketing representative, and became Director of Marketing and Support and Director in U.S. Strategy.

After IBM, I consulted to companies all over the world on leadership, communication, marketing, and the management of change.

For almost ten years, I was with Cell Tech International, a network marketing company in Klamath Falls, Oregon, the last five years of which I was Vice President of Marketing and Strategy.

I have been asked to join this or that network marketing company a hundred times over the years. I have always had a hundred reasons – given my experience in the industry – to politely say “no”.

Until Forever Living, which is an anomaly in this industry and whose differences inspired us to create The Bond Group.

We can fairly say that nothing like our collaboration exists in this industry.

Because of us, serious professionals are having conversations much like the animated characters in this video.

The combination of wonderful products, tremendous management team, and the involvement of people that I’ve known, respected and trusted for years has made the difference. These are not people you may have heard of before, but they and I have in one way or another worked together for a long time.

And of course, I have done my normal, obsessive-compulsive due diligence on the numbers. The compensation plan is the most balanced (for consumers and business builders) and lucrative that I have ever seen. Further, they have accomplished all of this with excellent product pricing, which is a rare thing in this industry.

Another rare thing is the extent to which these characteristics enable significant retail sales, which is absolutely critical for long term success.

But all of this wouldn’t have been enough, because I can’t stand what so much of network marketing has become.

I have always hated the in-your-face, sell to everybody, from your family to your neighbors, “numbers game” approach. When I was at Cell Tech International (now Simplexity Health), we did it differently, which is one of the reasons that I loved that company then.

We have formed this organization to do network marketing radically differently.

We believe in marketing with the power of the Internet, the power of common sense, and none of the Bad Systems (BS) that I will never do. we will personally show you how to do this, and we will not charge you a penny for your training. We get paid only when you succeed.

Because of the power of our Showcase, we have completely simplified the process of creating income:

enroll - share - receive

This is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. You will have to work to be successful, and we will help you every step of the way.

If you are even remotely interested in improving your health, your appearance, and your overall well-being or in making an honest and reliable income (from $500 to $5,000 a month, and possibly much more), consider us.

Here, you can find out more about us and all you need to know to decide if this might be right for you or someone you know, part-time or full-time.

You can also find out about the completely free Bond Group website that we will provide to you as a Forever Living Distributor, which you can become for no charge whatsoever.

Whatever you decide to do… we thank you for considering us.

Victor Bond


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